Article VII, Section 8 of the Constitution of the Grand Council states:

“The Sovereign Grand Master shall have the authority to appoint a Grand Superintendent as may be needed or required in each state. The Grand Superintendent shall be the direct representative of the Sovereign Grand Master in that state or for the number of Constituent Councils assigned and shall, as may be required, inspect the labors of the Constituent Councils under his supervision, convey fraternal greetings from the Sovereign Grand Master and the Grand Council, assist the Grand Council and its Officers, and the Constituent Councils and their Officers by giving advice, assistance and recommendations and perform such other duties as may be specifically delegated by the Sovereign Grand Master or the Grand Council. The Grand Superintendent shall from time to time, as needed or requested, file written reports with the Sovereign Grand Master, with copies to the Grand Secretary, but no less than once each year, at least 30 days prior to the annual meeting.

The Emblem / Jewel of Grand Superintendent


California – NorthHoward W. Ramsey, Jr.
California – SouthOhannes Antabian
ColoradoJoe E. Kier
Florida – NorthHenry A. Adams
Florida – SouthBrett A. Gordon
GeorgiaClyde E. Griffin
Gulf CoastJoshua W. Schutts
IllinoisRobert H. Johnson
IndianaMichael S. Doxsee
IowaRusty L. Hill
KentuckyDavid E. Jones
Mid-Atlantic (DC, DE, & MD)Nicholas J. Sampogna
MissouriMichael S. Smith
New England (CT, MA, ME, NH, & RI)Robert Y. Chan
New JerseyMoises I. Gomez
New YorkEarnest L. Hudson, Jr.
North CarolinaJohn M. Walston, Jr.
Ohio – NorthDouglas W. King
Ohio – SouthH. Jeffery Shaw
Pacific Northwest (AK, ID, MT, OR, & WA)Joseph W. MacIntyre
Pennsylvania – EastAnthony J. Dintino III
Pennsylvania – CentralM. Vincent Cruciani
Pennsylvania – WestJason F. Craig
Rocky Mountain (AZ, NM, UT, & WY)Reed B. Fanning, Jr.
South CarolinaGeorge R. Peters
TennesseeCharles M. Thames
Texas – CentralRussell C. Brown
Texas – NorthJerry N. Kirby
Texas – SouthMichael D. Phillipus
Texas – WestW. David Melear
Virginia – NorthJoseph H. Martinez, Sr.
Virginia – SouthJ. Brandon Hale